Again in Trivial Pursuit:

My brother: “What part of a man grows 12-15cm per year?”

Me: “It’s a lie!” followed by lots of inappropriate laughter.

Nobody else laughed. 

It’s okay. I’m sure they were laughing on the inside. 



Tonight, in a family Trivial Pursuit game, my brother asked: ‘What tool did astronomer Roger Thompson say is “fundamentally altering our view of the universe’?”

My answer: “Donald Trump.”

My brother: “Correct. AND the Hubble Telescope.”

My contribution. 

My husband is spending today door-knocking and collecting in  for Red Cross. 

We met at the bakery for lunch, where he asked the baker for a donation.

A lady turned to him and asked what he was doing. 

“He’s walking the streets to make money,” I said. 

Everyone laughed, so I added, “… bet he would have made more if he’d borrowed my fishnets.”

It’s official. I’m hilarious.