Revisiting Quebec in the fall.

In October 2015 I spent almost a month in Quebec, CA. I blogged about that trip here, but I’m now sharing my photos on my travel blog, ‘Where The Wind Has Taken Me‘.

If you missed it then, this is a great opportunity to follow my trip on that blog!
Or, you’re welcome to skip back to posts from September and October of 2015, and read it all here. I’m working to ensure that it’s not the same post, rehashed and served up again for breakfast, so hopefully it’s just as enjoyable the second time round!


I’d seen maple trees and other autumn colours in Australia – dotted here and there, or lining a street. I had seen photos of parks and forests full of colour. I knew they were beautiful. I saw the leaves starting to change colour in Nova Scotia just a week before I arrived in Quebec. But nothing […]

via Quebec’s Eastern Townships in Autumn. Part 1. — WHERE THE WIND HAS TAKEN ME


A Versatile Little Maple Leaf…

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The Blogging Life: Catching Up.

Sometimes we need to just stop and catch our breath.

After an insanely busy term 3 at school, which included directing and producing  five shows of ‘Les Miserables’ over two weekends, I’ve really enjoyed the two week term break.
I’ve caught up on my rest, on grading papers, and on some writing that I really wanted to refine before I could consider it finished.

Today, I’m catching up on my photo blog at yeeehawimacountrychick! which features photos from various parts of Australia that I visit.

I started this blog because my friends and family overseas often wanted to see my pictures, but I wasn’t always available to show them. Since then, it’s gained a wider following, which is really encouraging for this very amateur-level hobby photographer!

Feel free to take a look, and follow that blog if you’re interested in seeing my part of the world from my point of view.


I don’t post there every day, or even every week, but I do try to keep it updated.
All the photos featured there are my own, and remain my intellectual property.